We’re fallible, but it works.

Reading over the posts here it seems to me that I might beat the same drum a little too much – yeah okay, we don’t realize everything that goes on around us, our perspective limits us, most of the time we’re wrong, blah blah..

The reason that I keep coming back to this, and subjectify it in the blog is that we know this, yet we still get it wrong. Our brains almost seem to be wired to ignore this. In many ways I believe (IANADOR) that belief in this illusion is a building block to the way our brain has evolved to work.

Simply put, we are built to believe in ourselves, regardless of the facts. Some people are more egotistical than others, but we all are this way to some degree.

This harms us and helps us, and this is why it fascinates me so much. As an engineer, I say, “That’s a mistake! You must build on facts.” But there are so many examples in history that show me that the things that happened were only possibly through ignoring the facts and facing the likely prospect of bitter defeat with a optimistic eye.

I think this is one aspect of what it is to be human. To see that we’re wrong, and to go on in the face of wrongness, and sometimes win.

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