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I like the show House M.D. I like it because the main character is an egotist (I relate) and because he’s smart (I relate because I’m an egotist) and he’s an ass (something I admire..)

So I’ve been watching all the episodes lately due to a sweet reference my good friend gave me to a site that streams TV shows and movies and tons of good stuff to you as needed.

Anyhow.. tonite I watched an episode that right at the end had a reference to a Woody Allen comment, but due to the audio quality, I couldn’t quite get the last part.. So I turned to Google.. I put in the part of the quote that I had heard (in quotes as per the rules of the english language and most search engines.. It helps to know a Librarian..)

This all isn’t unusual – However, what I got from the search was.. instead of my expectation of a Woody Allen fan site, or two, or two-hundred, I got House M.D. fan sites. Yeah, several.. enough to offend me. The detail with which people record this show (and likely others, but I haven’t looked) was sickening, and disturbing. On one hand, I’m glad someone wrote it down so I could get the rest of the quote:

Stacy: But he couldn’t, could he? [She gets the stub of her ticket back from the person at the desk and is about to walk through when she turns around to see House again] You know what Woody Allen said about relationships? “Irrational and crazy, but we go through it all because–

House: –we need the curry”.

But on the other hand, if people put this much effort into something constructive like learning about politics, or standing up for something in their life – We’d live in a very different world.


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The worst offender:


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