As with most things, as I’ve stated many times on this blog already, you can look at things in various ways and walk away with different conclusions as a result. Also these conclusions can offer various degrees of ‘helpfulness’ – Sometimes they’re plain wrong even, and ‘right’ conclusions are often hard to come by.

Another example of this is the numbers we see regarding human prosperity. I think most people would agree, regardless of your politics, that increasing prosperity is a good thing. You can define prosperity in lots of ways, in this case, let’s use Health and Wealth. I won’t argue this is the best, but it’s one way.

You can look at the world and today we have a much larger┬ádisparity between the richest and healthiest people on the planet and the poorest and sickest people on the planet. ┬áThe statistics show us this, and it’s commonly regarded as a bad thing.

Watch this video, keeping it in mind and then think about whether or not this is a bad thing. By observing the trends, I think you’ll perhaps have a different opinion simply because you now have a different way of looking at the same numbers.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    Didn’t this guy give the same talk at TED a couple years back?

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