Mid Century Stereo Credenza Remodel

Earlier this year I purchased a stereo credenza from Post War Modern, a great showroom in Redlands, CA specializing in Mid-century styles.  This unit was going cheap because the electronics in it were not working well, so I picked it up.

Turns out it appears to be a home made credenza. The woodworking is good, but doesn’t seem to be a factory model. Also the electronics were Knight, which is a popular kit radio from the 1960’s.

I temporarily hooked up the speakers to a component stereo to check it out since the Knight kit stereo that is in it needs new capacitors and had a nasty 60Hz buzz.  They worked, and didn’t seem to have any issues, but were very mid-rangy. If I played Velvet Underground or Motown it sounded okay, but any modern music is mixed differently and it sounded like butt.

Time for an upgrade

Cletron Cathedral Speaker

I opened up the cabinet and found a pair of Cletron Cathedral co-axial speakers installed. They are really neat looking speakers!

However the huge port (3″ x 13″) was suspicious and the drivers just aren’t really up to par. Guess I’ll have to switch them out.

My first inclination was to replace the front baffle with a new one that allowed me to install a 2 or 3 way  setup, but it was glued in, so I have to work with the existing baffle.

The port is 3″ high, so I found some mid-range speakers to go in that space and decided to build a box to face out here. Not an ideal solution for a few reasons:

  • It’s at the bottom, so my mids and highs are about 12″ off the floor.
  • The baffle is 3/4″ thick, so the speakers will have to shoot through a tunnel, of sorts. At high frequencies even short tubes can cause issues.

The cabinet has 3.5 cu ft of volume, so I was able to find a 12″ driver to go in the existing hole that worked well with this space, and I picked some 3″ mids and a silk dome tweeter from Parts Express. Total for 2 drivers, 4 mids and 2 tweeters was about $150. Great. (Initially my pics totalled over $400.. uhg)


Once they came in, I started building the interior box:

7 item(s)

Here’s the outside after assembly, not much different:

I’m assembling an amplifier for the inside, so for now I’m using a component stereo to power the speakers. More pics when it’s complete!

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