Making Clementine work with Spotify

clementine-icon-256.pngI really like the KDE music player clementine. Tons of functionality, little fluff. It picked up the ball after Amarok decided to get bloated. Some people really like the new Amarok, I find it over-engineered.

I also like Spotify. There is a linux client that works pretty well, but I noticed with a closed source library you can also make it work with your Spotify playlists, which I use on my One+ One phone in the car all the time. Here’s how you do it. (BTW: This is on Kubuntu 14.04, 64bit)spotify.png
  1. Create the folder where the plugin will be placed.
    mkdir -p ~/.config/Clementine/spotifyblob/version14-64bit
  2. Download the plugin
    cd ~/.config/Clementine/spotifyblob/version14-64bit
  3. Make sure the executable bit is set on the blob
  4. The blob was looking for libspotify.12, so we create a symlink
  5. Go into the internet channels, and right-click on ‘Spotify’. Click ‘configure’
  6. Log into your account in the spotify settings. If the system doesn’t recognize the plugin, it will tell you here.

That’s it! Enjoy your playlists. Search doesn’t seem to be supported, but at least you have your stuff.


 Thanks to an anonymous user on pastebin for getting me going..

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