Decentralization for better perspective

If you’re looking at a problem, trying to understand a situation, or living in general, one of the big things you should keep in mind is that you have a point of view.

This may be painfully obvious, but they key in consciously recognizing this is to know that this viewpoint is limited. And by limited, I mean probably wrong in some way, and by wrong I mean incomplete at best.

You can’t fix this. But you can plan for it in many ways, one of which is by capitalizing on the idea that different people or groups have different perspectives. I believe this is one of the strengths of the original idea of the United States.

We see this in action today by watching the states deal with the recession. Illinois has decided to try and meet the needs of it’s people by increasing taxes greatly. South Carolina’s governor has been pitching the opposite idea. This is how it’s supposed to work. One of them might be wrong, maybe both ways work.. do we know?

By giving the power to smaller pieces of our country to try out ideas, we can all benefit from the answers they find. More so than democracy, or liberty, this is what it means to be a United Statesein. Unfortunately incidents in our history have limited our ability to pursue this goal, but still we see it at work.

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