Okay.. So I live in a hilly area, in kind of a nook and even there’s a Sprint cell tower only about 2 miles from my house, I get terrible reception. Like really bad. I have to climb the steps up to the hill behind my house to really make sure the call isn’t dropped.

Almost more annoyingly, I miss calls constantly.

There’s a few solutions to this. I’ve played with a cellphone signal booster, which works, but really requires a line up to the roof, and with my roof access currently blocked by a blooming acacia tree filled with bees, I decided to go another route.

I was thinking that it would be nice if while I was at home, my android phone could switch into WIFI mode, and send/receive called over VoIP, and then switch back to CDMA mode when I leave and go elsewhere. Easy right?

Well. No. Not easy. But possible. Here’s how I did it.



The idea is that you have two endpoints for calls, your normal cell phone #, and your SIP/VoIP number. Google Voice will then route incoming calls on your voice number to the proper endpoint based on how you configure it.

Then Google Voice Locations app will use the location awareness of the phone to dynamically reconfigure google voice based on where you’re at.

For Sprint users your voice # can be the same as your cell number, resulting in some routing magic akin to lifting yourself by your own bootstraps.

Outgoing calls are handled by Voice+, for VoIP calls.


  1. First create the necessary accounts for your Voice, SIP and your new VoIP #.
  2. Connect your VoIP # to the sip account. No tricks there.
  3. Setup Google voice with this new VoIP # as a forwarding number.
  4. Install the recommended Apps on your phone. I had no issues with these, csipsimple is sip2sip.info aware, and makes it easy.
  5. Setup Voice Locations to route based on your location.

Voila.. try calling out (You may have to buy some calling credits on sip2sip.info, but it’s like 2 cents a minute.. $20 would last me a year..)

Have a friend call you. Should route through voip.

You may also route manually using Google voice settings, or have it setup to just route to the VoIP endpoint if your normal number doesn’t pick up after a couple of rings.

Since I do get some service at home, I set my phone to airplane mode, and then manually turn on just WIFI – this will (at least on my HTC EVO) turn off the CDMA modem, so my phone is essantially just an IP phone at that point.

This is all working on my HTC EVO 4G phone, rooted and running the Nitrous ROM (great for the EVO BTW.. really fast) – but there’s nothing here you shouldn’t be able to do on a non-rooted phone.

If anyone has any questions.. hit me up.

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